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It’s been sixteen years.

Sixteen years since Harry Potter defeated the dark wizard Voldemort.

Sixteen years of peace.

Sixteen years of equality.

Since the fall of the Dark Lord, things have changed. Werewolf activists demanded equal rights. When it was passed into law by the Ministry of Magic that werewolf students were now allowed to be taught at Hogwarts, it was seen as a huge step in the right direction. Then, to prove that they really did have rights equal to pureblood wizards, a werewolf known as Peter Hale rose to claim the role as Headmaster at Hogwarts.

But things aren’t exactly what they seem. Inside Hogwarts, things aren’t exactly sunshine and daisies. The Murphy brothers are rumored to be the “new Dark Lords” and have been gathering followers known as the Resurrected. Outside of Hogwarts, Fenrir Greyback is still lurking about, waiting for the right moment to come out of the shadows and bring werewolves on top of all wizards. And then there are the rumors — rumors of the possible resurrection of the Dark Lord himself and a woman named Aaliyah who might know how to bring it into reality.

With students facing terror from both inside and out, how will Hogwarts be able to function properly? Will Harry Potter be able to save them again, or will they have to call for a new hero?

Join us, and find out.